About us

About Prime Products

Prime Products Ltd is a Greek company established in 2006 specializing in gas detection products and services for the maritime industry. Run by a family with a century-old history in the business world, Prime Products has managed to develop a global network and acquire a distinct place in the market, rooted in responsibility, reliability, and efficiency. 

Our experience in the maritime sector has created a business tradition characterized by specialization and dedication. Always focused on safety, our work has developed into a market-defining force with a vast and satisfied clientele.

Our team’s deep knowledge and attention to detail guarantee an efficient and flexible way of attending to any emerging challenge. 

Over the last years, Prime Ltd. has opened four new branches in strategic locations: Singapore, Fujairah, Rotterdam, and Houston. The goal is to establish more physical contact with our clients and speed up every necessary business process through extensive inventory choices and efficient procurement management.

Our most valuable asset is our people. We employ more than 60 qualified employees and technicians we intensively train according to the latest regulations. The expansion of our network and the constant upgrade of our operations is our primary purpose.

Through diligent and committed work, we keep growing in a healthy and conscious way by constantly advancing our services and building new, productive relationships with our clients worldwide.